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Download free icons from our website! We specialize in offering high quality professional XP style icons for use in commercial applications and currently we are providing a set of sample icons for free download. These free sample icons available for download contain the same properties that all our other icons exhibit. When you download free icons from our site you will get the icons in two different formats (which includes .ico and gif) and in four different sizes (16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48). You also get the XP icons in two different color depths and hence they can be used in even in older versions of windows in addition to the latest windows XP.

For all these great features our icons exhibit they are priced at an extremely affordable rate making them the best you can ever get your hands on. Currently we are offering our icons as icon packages with each package containing a specific kind of icons. The major categories in which you can get icons from our website includes, web icons, navigational icons, database icons, accounting icons, email application icons and software icons. We are in the process of constantly updating our services and keep adding new icons and newer packages, so be sure to check back on us. We also offer reliable and fast icon customization services which you can avail in-case you need custom made icons delivered at your doorsteps. So do not waste any more time and check out our icons today!

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