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The same old Smileys and emo icons that were used for communication in email and chat boards have come a long way. Today there are high resolution emoticons available that can convey just about anything to the recipient. Right from 3D emo icons to XP styled emo icons almost everything is available online. At we give you a chance to order custom made emoticons that can be used in all your applications including email and chat. We specialize in offering professional XP style icons that can be used in software, web based and print based applications. In addition to providing readymade XP icons for download we also offer custom made XP style icons based on our customer's wants.

To get a taste of the high quality our icons exhibit, feel free to download our free set of sample icons from the link on top of this page. This sample will give you an idea of the high quality of our XP style icons and will also make you realize the ease with which they blend into applications. So what are you waiting for? Check out our emo icons or our professional XP style icons today!

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