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Your desktop defines your computer and in many ways it defines you! Get our free desktop icons and create a desktop that you would like to live with. Our desktop icons come in many different categories and have been created to maintain that professional and unique look.

In addition to offering free desktop icons we also offer professional XP style icons for use in commercial applications. All of our XP desktop icons are of the best quality and come with features you will not find any place else. As far as professional appearance is concerned, our XP icons tend to speak for themselves as they come with smooth rounded edges, highly professional illumination and definitive shadow effects. To add to these features our XP icons also carry a perfect alpha channel transparency which helps them to blend effortlessly with any background they are merged with. This gives the applications a professional look and gives a appearance that the icons were custom made for them. To crown all these features up we have also kept the price of these icons extremely affordable. This is what makes our XP icons the best in comparison to the others out there. So check out our XP icons packages and also feel free to download free desktop icons from our 'fre e download' section to get an idea of the high quality our icons come with.

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