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When it comes to creating professional XP style icons there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Right from icon design overview to conceptualization to adding color depth and illuminating effects, professional icon creation is a strenuous process involving many processes and quality control checks.

Icons offered by and other sites

Icons can be developed in-house and they can even be downloaded free of cost. A search in 'google' or 'yahoo' will indicate that there are many websites that offer free icons. But are these icons suitable for usage in commercial applications? To answer this question please take a look at free XP icons or commercial icons offered by some other sites. Compare these icons with our XP Icons and you will clearly see the difference. Now try and comprehend the enhanced effect your applications will get if you make use of our XP icons in comparision to others.

What differentiates our icons from others?

All our icons follow the Microsoft XP style guidelines and have been created adhering strictly to even minuscule details. All characteristics defined in the Microsoft XP guidelines are clearly reflected in our professional XP icons. Some obvious and noticeable features that you would find complementing with these guidelines are as follows;

  • As you would have noticed, all our icons are rich in color and look dynamic. A characteristic achieved by perfect use of gradients, outlines and light source.
  • All our icons have smooth and well rounded edges and corners that give them a highly professional look. Smooth edges also ensure that the icons will blend effortlessly into applications.
  • You will also find that our icons have a strikingly illuminating effect that tends to bring them to life.
  • The drop shadow effect on our icons are perfect and provide required contrast and dimension.
The purpose of icons is that they should communicate with the end user and pass on relevant information. They also have the function of making applications look modern and professional. All our professional XP icons have been designed with accuracy keeping these precise points in view. This is why you will find that our entire collection of icons fit their individual categories and descriptions perfectly well. In addition to all these great features, our XP icons look distinctive and unique with highly appealing designs.

We are laying path for a new generation of icon creation with innovative designs using the latest technologies. So go for our professional XP style icons and find out how effortlessly they will blend into your applications enhancing their usability and adding to the look and feel.

Note: These free icons are issued as samples and are strictly for non-commercial use only Icons                Free Icons                Icon

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