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Windows 7 network icons packs includes video conference icons,audio conference icons,web cam icons and file sharing icons

Find the icon ID at the bottom of left corner of the icons.

dicconnect ID wnd0001 disconnect

dicconnect ID wnd0002 disconnect

lan cable ID wnd0003 lan cable

ssl certificate ID wnd0004 ssl certificate

certificate ID wnd0005 certificate

ssl ID wnd0006 ssl

ssl ID wnd0007 ssl

webcam ID wnd0008 webcam

vpn ID wnd0009 vpn

video conference ID wnd0010 video conference

video conference ID wnd0011 video conference

audio conference ID wnd0012 audio conference

speaker ID wnd0013 speaker

voice ID wnd0014 voice

voip ID wnd0015 voip

ip ID wnd0016 ip

arrow bi ID wnd0017 arrow bi

arrow bi ID wnd0018 arrow bi

file sharing ID wnd0019 file sharing

file sharing ID wnd0020 file sharing

2 3

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