A full house clean out can be a daunting task. Heavy furniture can be awkward to move, so you might want to consider hiring someone to do the task for you. While full house clean outs require a lot of time, a professional can make the process much easier. The following tips will help you plan and execute a full house cleanout. Keep in mind that the price of a full house cleanout may be higher than you think, so choose a service that is affordable for your budget.

Hire a professional end-of-lease cleaner. End of lease cleaning includes general surface and floor cleaning. The professional will concentrate on key areas in the home, getting into those difficult-to-reach places. The end-of-lease cleaner will make the house ready for the real estate final inspection. The cost of this service depends on the size of the property. The average price of a full house clean is around $400, though a cleaner may be cheaper for smaller houses.

Deep cleaning appliances is an important part of a full house clean. You should empty the fridge and dishwasher before tackling the cleaning. You can also get the appliances pulled out of the wall and clean the walls and floors around them. Ensure to clean the backsplash and any countertops that are in the way. Clean the entire counters and remove crumbs. After this, rinse and dry the surfaces. You can also opt for ‘Use Cleaners Supplies’ if you need more cleaning supplies.

Deep cleaning involves the removal of grime from floors, windows, and other areas. Deep cleaning professionals also disinfect electronics and polish cabinets, remove scuff marks from furniture and walls, and dust corners, upper and lower crown moldings, and upholstery. To make a house truly shine, it’s best to hire a professional for this type of cleaning once or twice a year, before your weekly professional cleanings. Deep cleaning services vary greatly in price, depending on the size of the home, layout, materials used, and appliances.

To make a full house clean even easier, hire a cleaning service. Handy connects homeowners with one-time cleaning experts in your area for a reasonable price. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your free time while your house is being cleaned. And with so many professionals to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a professional with a wide variety of experience. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to hire an expert in just a few minutes.

The time and cost of a full house clean will vary depending on how many bedrooms your home has and its size. Additional services, such as carpet cleaning and window washing, will add to the overall price. Many house cleaning companies offer package deals or discounts for monthly or weekly contracts. For more information about house cleaning, check out our full house clean pricing guide. It will help you determine how much to pay. You can also request a quote from several different companies to ensure you get the best deal.