self cleaning surface stickers

Whether you have a high touch area in your home or a healthcare facility, self cleaning surface stickers are a great way to keep surfaces clean and germ-free. NanoSeptic surfaces are biodegradable and recyclable. The adhesives can be applied to virtually any surface, including door handles and counters. This means that you can remove them after using them, reducing the need for chemicals and harsh cleaning products. These stickers also act as cleaning tips.

NanoSeptic stickers are eco-friendly and safe for public restrooms and healthcare facilities. They can be applied to just about any surface and are biodegradable. Unlike traditional adhesives, these stickers are easy to apply and remove and can be applied to nearly any surface. You can even put them on toilets and other high-touch areas. Moreover, NanoSeptic stickers are a great choice for healthcare facilities as they can be applied to the surface and remain there for a long time.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, the business of NanoTouch has doubled. New distributors have joined the company, and its team has been working overtime to ship orders. They have successfully tested the stickers against Coronavirus and are eager to send them to businesses and individuals. This rapid growth means that there is great demand for NanoSeptic stickers. The company expects to increase its revenue even more once the outbreak is over. And since NanoTouch’s technology is proven effective against the virus, it’s likely that the product will go on to become a hit.

Self-cleaning surfaces are materials that naturally clean themselves. Their properties are inspired by natural phenomena such as lotus leaves, gecko feet, and water striders. Generally, self-cleaning surfaces can be divided into three categories. A few examples include:

NanoTouch Materials manufactures self-cleaning surfaces for facilities. Their products adhere to most surfaces. They can be applied to elevator buttons, toilet handles, and other high-traffic areas. NanoSeptic products also work as liners for security bins and public counters. NanoTouch Materials has launched a new line of products that can adhere to many surfaces. NanoTouch’s self-cleaning products are safe for most surfaces, including public restrooms, elevator buttons, and door handles.