Self cleaning surface stickers are a great solution for bacteria-ridden surfaces. These stickers can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as countertops, glass surfaces, and computer screens. These stickers also act as cleaning tips and are biodegradable. They are environmentally friendly, a boon for people with allergies. Moreover, they can be easily removed. Self cleaning surface stickers are useful in a variety of applications, including healthcare facilities, homes, and public spaces.

One company that makes self cleaning surfaces is NanoTouch Materials. Their stickers and mats adhere to virtually any surface, including a variety of metals. Because of this, they can be applied to high-traffic areas, including elevator buttons, door handles, and public counters. NanoTouch’s products are safe to use in a wide range of settings, from public restrooms to elevators. These are great alternatives to traditional antibacterial wipes and sanitizers, and will keep your surfaces clean and safe.

These self-cleaning surface stickers can be branded and made in custom sizes, making them the perfect solution for airports, government buildings, and nuclear facilities. Custom sizes are easy to cut with the grid lines at 1/2″ and 1″ apart to make them a custom fit. For the most custom-sized applications, jumbo sheets are ideal, and they feature grid lines that make custom size skins easy to cut. The self-cleaning surface can also be applied to glass surfaces.

NanoTouch has grown its business by over twofold since the Coronavirus outbreak and has added new distributors in Asia. NanoTouch is working overtime to ensure that their stickers are sent to businesses and individuals as quickly as possible. Because the Coronavirus outbreak has increased public awareness about its benefits, the company is expecting sales to grow. There is no better time than now to buy self-cleaning surface stickers! You’ll be happy you did.

NanoSeptic self cleaning surface stickers are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They can be applied to almost any surface, from high-touch areas to public restrooms. Furthermore, they are easy to apply and remove. They can even be used in healthcare facilities. Because they are biodegradable and recyclable, they are safe for consumers and healthcare facilities. They also last a long time, reducing the need for harsh cleaning products.

Superhydrophobic self-cleaning surfaces are able to remove water from surfaces. They are effective in removing water-based debris, but may not be effective in removing oil. This is why control of surface wettability is an important aspect of self-cleaning surfaces. This is because if a surface becomes too wet, it will be difficult to remove it. So, a surface can be designed to be superhydrophobic while being water-based, and a low-hydrophilic surface is more suitable for oily surfaces.