self cleaning surface stickers

Self cleaning surface stickers are an effective solution to increasing hygiene in areas that receive a lot of touch. These environmentally friendly and biodegradable stickers can be applied on surfaces of any type, from elevator buttons and public door handles to counter lining. They help make any place sanitary and save on cleaning costs. In addition, they can be a fun gift to give to loved ones. Read on to learn more about how these surface cleaners work.

NanoSeptic surfaces are non-sticky and safe for individuals with allergies, and are also made with nano-sized particles powered by visible light. They are also very durable and can be installed on high-touch surfaces, like door handles and elevator buttons. They can also be used on public restrooms and public spaces, where they can contribute to the cleanliness of the environment. Whether you’re looking to clean up your gym or bathroom, self cleaning surface stickers can be a great solution.

Currently, NanoTouch has four employees and a new distributor in Asia. Sales have increased more than twice since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and the company is working long hours to get the orders out to customers. After completing a clinical trial, the company hopes to generate sales and attract investors. As a self cleaning surface, nanoSeptic surfaces don’t require the use of antiseptic cleaners or chemicals. In fact, they are 100% safe for people with allergies.

Self cleaning surface stickers are an effective solution to prevent bacteria and viruses from accumulating. With just a peel and place installation, they help protect against germs and other harmful microorganisms. The self-cleaning surface sticker is available in various sizes and colors. Unlike other products that only offer a temporary solution, these products can last for several years. Regardless of the size and shape of the surface, it will help keep the area clean.

NanoSeptic surfaces are designed to reduce bacteria and other microorganisms. They are nonsticky and environmentally friendly, which means they’re safe to use. Moreover, these surfaces can be installed in public restrooms, elevator buttons, and door handles, and they can be easily removed and placed by anyone. They can help maintain the cleanliness of the environment. And while most people will be a bit skeptical of the use of stickers on public surfaces, they can help people with allergies.

Despite the popularity of the self-cleaning surface stickers, many people still have no idea how they work. These sticky adhesives can be applied to many surfaces, including door handles, elevator buttons, and more. Because the stickers are light-powered, they can be easily applied to any surface. They can also be applied to public restrooms and elevator buttons. They can even be used to clean public bathroom mirrors. And since the adhesives are easy to remove, they are a practical option for people with allergies.