self cleaning surface stickers

Self cleaning surface stickers are biodegradable stickers that kill germs without leaving residue. These self cleaning stickers are great for high-touch areas like shopping carts and checkout lines. They are safe to use even on the hands of people who have certain allergies. NanoTouch has developed these stickers for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Listed below are their benefits and uses. You can purchase them from most retailers. Using these stickers can help your hospital or medical facility reduce the amount of germs and bacteria on surfaces.

The technology behind these self-cleaning surface stickers is based on a special coating that repels water. Droplets will roll off the surface, leaving behind a clean, germ-free environment. Although some surfaces are superhydrophobic, others will not. Superhydrophobic surfaces aren’t good for use in restaurants. Most self-cleaning surface stickers are made of silicone, but some materials are more durable.

NanoTouch Materials has a proprietary blend of materials and nanotechnology that make them continuously self-cleaning. They’re also made with green chemistry, which means they’re free of heavy metals, diluted poisons, and toxins. NanoTouch Materials has four employees in Forest, Ohio. Once the clinical trial is complete, the company hopes to start generating sales and attract investors. NanoTouch Materials has been developing and manufacturing self-cleaning surface stickers for the past three years. This is the first time they’ve applied them to an airport.

One of the most common types of self-cleaning surfaces is water-repelling. These materials work by removing debris and bacteria from surfaces. In nature, these surfaces are naturally self-cleaning, such as gecko feet, lotus leaves, and water striders. Most of these surfaces fall into one of three categories. These surfaces are: