self cleaning surface stickers

There are many benefits to using self cleaning surface stickers in your healthcare facility or public restroom. Not only are they biodegradable, but they also kill germs without leaving behind residue. These stickers are a great solution for high-touch areas, including countertops, glass surfaces, and computers. They are also safe for people with allergies. Read on to learn more about self cleaning surface stickers and the benefits they offer. Here’s a quick overview of some of the best types of these self cleaning stickers.

Those in high-traffic areas may want to install self cleaning surface stickers to reduce the spread of germs. For example, the use of these stickers in supermarkets, checkout lines, and shopping carts has significantly reduced the incidence of contamination, according to the makers of the NanoTouch self-cleaning surface sticker. Additionally, the stickers are highly effective in healthcare settings, where high-touch surfaces are a source of infection. The best part? These stickers are reusable, too!

The company that makes these stickers claims that they’re safer than ordinary surface stickers. In fact, they’ve found that 99% of the people using them don’t even notice them! In addition, they’re much easier to apply than traditional stickers, making them more convenient than ever. The stickers will be effective in many locations. In hotels, they can make public counters, security bins, and elevator buttons more sanitary. Lastly, they’ll keep floors in your building clean, reducing the number of trips you have to take.

The latest self-cleaning surface stickers are based on a special coating that can help repel water. When a water drop hits them, the water simply rolls off the surface. If the surface is superhydrophobic, it won’t be able to remove oil and other types of debris. Hence, they can’t be used in restaurants. Instead, they’re made of silicone or plastic materials, which make them more durable.

The best type of self-cleaning surface stickers can also remove bacteria. These stickers can be used on windows. They allow rain water to clean them, without the need for any external intervention. These stickers can be divided into three types, depending on how they work. One is superhydrophilic, while the other is photocatalytic. Using a combination of hydrophilic surface chemistry with roughness, these stickers can eliminate bacteria and other particles.